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Nederlands Film Festival

Dutch Film Festival, more than film

Yesterday I visited two Dutch Film Festival events in Utrecht. Four escalators up high in the tower of Tivoli Vredenburg there was a gathering of creative minds with inspiring ideas. Control Conference about world building Some of the biggest experts in the field shared their world building experiences and throughout the day I noticed a…

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Het Geheim van Eyck

The Secret of Eyck

Zapp, the Dutch kids channel, started a new interactive mission: The Secret of Eyck. This daily series is about Lotte, Tim and Floor who discover weird things happening at their grandfathers campsite The Old Eyck. Is their grandfather being sabotaged by the mysterious company Gentopia? Every week you can also watch the Zappmission. In this…

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YEFF 2015 Brussels

Team up in Brussels

This month I was one of the lucky few to join the Young European Film Forum. With four other Dutch participants, I traveled to Brussels for 10 days of international teamwork. A total of 60 people in the age of 18 to 25 from 11 European countries were devided in teams to make a short…

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Swartzshield: the cybercrime experience

Would you be willing to sacrifice your life for a free Internet? Would you be brave enough to be a whistleblower? That’s what it’s all about in Swartzshield, the interactive cybercrime experience. This week our newest project was launched at the Sónar+D Festival in Barcelona. Experience cybercrime When your help is needed to free a…

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The Last Hours of Laura K

Can you solve this intricate murder?

YES! The ancient murder mystery, the whodunit, is brought to us in a totally different way, so that we can interact with the story. The BBC Writersroom has made a big step forward with this participatory drama: The Last Hours of Laura K. It’s a collective murder investigation. The question is clear: Who murdered Laura…

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Endgame Logo

Endgame: the calling for help

Endgame is de nieuwe verhaalwereld van James Frey, ik heb het boek gekocht en ik wil graag dieper in de wereld duiken met de game, maar dit groentje kan wel wat hulp gebruiken. Vandaag, een aantal maanden nadat ik Endgame begon te spelen -of nou ja, spelen, het was tenminste een poging daartoe- kwam ik…

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Prison Escape mug shot

Escape from the real world

Ik ben dan misschien geen Houdini, maar de laatste tijd voel ik me een echte escape artist. Real life gaming is een trend waar ik blij van word en die ik daarom graag met jullie wil delen. In een samenleving waar alles online en digitaal is, is er behoefte aan tastbare en uitdagende ervaringen. Er…

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Popcorn Time vs. Netflix

Popcorn Time vs. Netflix

Pak de popcorn er maar vast bij, want het gekijf is weer begonnen. Stichting BREIN heeft de afgelopen weken zes Nederlandse websites uit de lucht gehaald waar de illegale streamingdienst Popcorn Time werd aangeboden. Tim Kuik, directeur van BREIN, zegt hierover: ‘De sites zijn een soort illegale winkels, die verbieden we. Maar de klanten die…

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GabyGaby presents: Tulipman 360 BPM at ADE

Tulipman art experience

This week Amsterdam is dominated by ADE, the Amsterdam Dance Event. And that means more than just parties. Artist GabyGaby felt inspired by DJ’s and the whole dance scene and created this art show, or art concert as he calls it: Tulipman 360° BPM. Tulipman is a fictional superhero that always plays a key role…

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