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Conducttr Skillswap

When creating an interactive story, Conducttr is probably the most comprehensive tool to use. So yesterday I visited the Conducttr Skillswap organized by Platform Transmedia Nederland. As true ambassadors users Sytze van Schalk and Stephan Duquesnoy presented the webtool to interested creators. I understand Conducttr can basically help you with three important aspects:

1. Storybuilding

Conducttr makes your story insightful using chapters, scenes and beats. From character to calendar, everything can be found in one place.

2. Content management

You can schedule and automate content delivery. Publishing pieces of content can be time-based or it can be triggered by actions.

3. Community management

Conducttr makes it a lot easier to keep track of your players and to interact with them on different levels.

The tool is made for storytellers and you don’t need any technical skills to build a storyworld. In the beat sheet, the core of Conducttr, you can indicate all the different scenarios. A interacts with B and that leads to C. Various triggers and actions are implemented in the program. Teams competing? Treasure hunts? Flock to unlock? Possibilities are endless.

Sytze defines Conducttr as a Jack of all trades, because it has a lot of features and options. Too much to discuss on this evening. But this was a great introduction and I feel inspired to find out more, play with it and use it for my next projects.

Interested in Conducttr? Take a look at the Transmedia Playbook, with a lot of examples and building blocks.
Conducttr Skillswap

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Didi Koller • October 15, 2015

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