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Zappmissie: Lost in the Game. Foto: annemieke van der togt

Another Zapp mission: Lost in the Game

Virtual reality games, gladiator fights and live stream escapes, it’s all part of Lost in the Game, a fictional storyworld that manifests itself in many different ways. It has become an annual tradition, after the Zappendael Case, the Hidden Island and the Secret of Eyck, Zapp brought a new and exciting mission this year. For…

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De Wentel: Revolutie

A revolution in theater

Last weekend I visited The Spiral: Revolution (originally De Wentel: Revolutie) in theater. It’s not just a play, it’s part of a storyworld and it’s the first theater game in Holland. Creator Sytze Schalk challenges his audience to participate. The play is about four people working at the secret intelligence agency of a city-state called…

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The wonderful storyworld of Sinterklaas

In the Netherlands each year in mid-November thousands of children await the arrival of a steam boat from Spain. On deck are an old Saint, wearing a long red cape and a mitre, and his helpers, all referred to as ‘Piet’. Sinterklaas has arrived! It’s the start of a joyful time living up to the…

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Conducttr Skillswap

When creating an interactive story, Conducttr is probably the most comprehensive tool to use. So yesterday I visited the Conducttr Skillswap organized by Platform Transmedia Nederland. As true ambassadors users Sytze van Schalk and Stephan Duquesnoy presented the webtool to interested creators. I understand Conducttr can basically help you with three important aspects: 1. Storybuilding Conducttr…

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Het Geheim van Eyck

The Secret of Eyck

Zapp, the Dutch kids channel, started a new interactive mission: The Secret of Eyck. This daily series is about Lotte, Tim and Floor who discover weird things happening at their grandfathers campsite The Old Eyck. Is their grandfather being sabotaged by the mysterious company Gentopia? Every week you can also watch the Zappmission. In this…

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The Last Hours of Laura K

Can you solve this intricate murder?

YES! The ancient murder mystery, the whodunit, is brought to us in a totally different way, so that we can interact with the story. The BBC Writersroom has made a big step forward with this participatory drama: The Last Hours of Laura K. It’s a collective murder investigation. The question is clear: Who murdered Laura…

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Endgame Logo

Endgame: the calling for help

Endgame is de nieuwe verhaalwereld van James Frey, ik heb het boek gekocht en ik wil graag dieper in de wereld duiken met de game, maar dit groentje kan wel wat hulp gebruiken. Vandaag, een aantal maanden nadat ik Endgame begon te spelen -of nou ja, spelen, het was tenminste een poging daartoe- kwam ik…

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Feuten Season 3

Filius Septimus, the Alternate Reality Game

I’ve described the Feuten app in an earlier post, but today I would like to tell you a bit more about the Alternate Reality Game (ARG), since that was one of the most immersive parts of this project. This storyline starts on television, when freshman Jeroen Beeksma is accused of a theft he didn’t commit….

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Freshers season 3

Transmedia storytelling: Freshers app

40,000 members posted over 275,000 messages in the Freshers app, containing 90,000 vo’s! The past few months I’ve been busy working on a transmedia project for the BNN dramaseries Feuten (Translation: Freshers). And it is on! Check our case video: H.S.C. Mercurius is brought to life The series Freshers is about the ups and downs of…

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