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To Barcelona with Swartzshield

Would you be willing to sacrifice your life for a free Internet? Would you be brave enough to be a whistleblower? That’s what it’s all about in the interactive cybercrime experience Swartzshield. This week our newest project was launched at the Sónar+D Festival in Barcelona.

Swartzshield at Sonar

Swartzshield at Sónar

Swartzshield: the cybercrime experience
When your help is needed to free a hacker named Swartzshield, who is accused of cyberterrorism, you get involved in a conflict between an intelligence organisation and an anonymous hacker. The story is set in your browser and combines video with game elements. You will experience what it’s like to be a whistleblower like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning or Aaron Swartz. You can also take the challenge at home.

We are proud to be part of Sónar+D, an international festival for creative initiatives and experiences in the fields of music, visual, interactive content and transmedia platforms. Sónar+D is an annual event, parallel to electronic musicfestival Sónar.

Swartzshield is created by Spektor in collaboration with Peakfijn and Claynote.

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Didi Koller • June 20, 2015

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