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Detectives Livestream Emilia Fox

2020: The year of the livestream

Because of corona we were all staying home in 2020 and all of a sudden it became the year of the livestream. Meetings were done via Skype, Zoom or Teams, lessons were turned into webinars and live events had to change into livestreams. In this post you’ll read about a few examples of different types…

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Zapp Detective logo

Zapp Detective: an interactive murder mystery

Zapp Detective is a transmedia format that offers children the opportunity to solve a thrilling murder case. The interactive story unfolds on television, YouTube and Instagram in 8 weeks’ time. This is one of my absolute favorite projects I’ve worked on and I’m very proud of the result. A murdered celebrity Eight celebrities (television hosts…

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SpangaS Week tegen Pesten

SpangaS joins the Week against Bullying

Week against Bullying TV dramaseries SpangaS published extra storylines in the Week against Bullying. The week is an annual event by Stichting School & Veiligheid. A good start of the new school year, making sure students feel safe and supported at school. This year’s theme: Be a hero, together! KRO-NCRV joins the fight against bullying…

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Crying man meme

Dear phone, I miss you

I’ve been living without a phone for two days now. Not because I want to or because I think it enriches my life. No, my phone-less life is not exactly voluntary. Or successful. I would trade a kidney for my smartphone. During a weekend break my phone got stolen at a beach party. When I…

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Death Tolls Experience

IDFA Doclab: From naked artist to naked truth

IDFA is back in town. The International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam hosts their new media program IDFA Doclab for the 10th time. At the Doclab expo it’s all about undefined non-fiction storytelling. You can experience 30 differing, interactive documentaries for free at the expo at the Brakke Grond. I have been wandering there for quite some…

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Zappmissie: Lost in the Game. Foto: annemieke van der togt

Another Zapp mission: Lost in the Game

Virtual reality games, gladiator fights and live stream escapes, it’s all part of Lost in the Game, a fictional storyworld that manifests itself in many different ways. It has become an annual tradition, after the Zappendael Case, the Hidden Island and the Secret of Eyck, Zapp brought a new and exciting mission this year. For…

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Vlucht HS13

Flight HS13: a chat box instead of a black box

Yes, the brand new television season has started and I’m happy to participate in another KRO-NCRV transmedia drama. Flight HS13 (originally Vlucht HS13) is not just a thrilling television series, it has an interactive twist. In the first double episode of this thriller series we meet Liv, who’s life falls apart when she hears the…

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Revolución no es mentir jamás

In a country without ads

“What kind of work do you do?” This simple question was difficult to answer during my trip through Cuba. I work at an ad agency and not many Cubans are familiar with advertising. Let’s say explaining this in my ‘poquito Español’ was quite a challenge. I guess in a country where there is no competition,…

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Terug naar de Dino's met Freek

Virtual Reality at Dutch supermarket

Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn has a new loyalty program. Customers can collect dinosaur stickers and bring them to live with the matching VR-goggles. The glasses ‘from the future’ enable you to look around in the past. I’m positive that this is the moment the crowd is going to discover the awesomeness of virtual reality. Thank…

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