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GabyGaby presents: Tulipman 360 BPM at ADE

Tulipman art experience

This week Amsterdam is dominated by ADE, the Amsterdam Dance Event. And that means more than just parties. Artist GabyGaby felt inspired by DJ’s and the whole dance scene and created this art show, or art concert as he calls it: Tulipman 360° BPM. Tulipman is a fictional superhero that always plays a key role…

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Audience at Concert

What concerts can teach us about audience engagement

“Everybody get down to the floor,” the bassplayer keeps playing, the rest of the band is squatting. Honestly, it makes me roll my eyes at first, ‘not again.’ But gradually the whole audience is doing what they’ve been told. I don’t want to be the only grumpy cat standing up, so I start crouching as well. It’s…

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