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About me

My name is Didi Koller, I’m a transmedia storyteller and I can help you with content, copy and creation. On this blog I want to share my ideas about (trans)media with you guys! Why? Because making an interesting storyworld is like solving a difficult puzzle, you need to look at every little detail, combining all kinds of different platforms, such as television, social- and interactive media.


  • ‘Mention Spéciale’, Festival Vidéo Créajeune, Luxembourg, 2016
  • Nomination two Dutch Game Awards, 2015
  • Selected for the Young European Film Forum, Brussels, 2015
  • Selected for Sónar+D, Barcelona, 2015
  • Nomination Dutch Interactive Award, 2014
  • Nomination Cross Media Award, 2014
  • Nomination Annual Masters of Media Award, 2014
  • Nomination TV-beeld, 2014
  • Winner Spinaward Jong Talent, 2011
  • Winner Golden Dot Award, 2011
  • Nomination Dutch Interactive Award, 2011
  • Selected for the Hot100 by Virtueel Platform, 2011
  • Winner Golden Dot Award, 2008


I gave lectures at:

  • SpinAward Inspiration Days, Amsterdam
  • MARCOM’11, RAI Amsterdam
  • Emerce Live, Amsterdam
  • The way to Transmedia, Symposium, Rotterdam
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam, MediaLAB,  Amsterdam
  • InHolland, Crossmedia Minor, Rotterdam
  • IMC Weekendschool, Amsterdam
  • NTR, Hilversum
  • CMD 10 jaar, Wie is aan? Amsterdam
  • Guest lecture honors program, Amsterdam
  • And many more…>

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