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Llow branding, high impact

The past weekend thousands of people traveled to Biddinghuizen for the highlight of the Dutch festivalseason: Lowlands. It was the first time I went there, and ofcourse I enjoyed the music, but I also liked the activities that were organised by brands. Festivals such as Lowlands are ideal to show your brand identity to a of lot people. I’ll give you three examples:

1. The Converse Compound is at Lowlands for the fifth year, because Allstars are the ultimate festivalshoes. It is a beautiful construction made out of pallets and containers. Bring your Chuck Taylors or other Converse models to one of the containers and they will be customizes by the artists of LEYP, for free. If you’d rather upgrade your whole look you can get bombarded with paint and glitters by Saskia Rocks, awesome! You can also pimp t-shirts and bags yourself, take a picture with your festivalbuds in the photobooth or leave a mesasge at the converse wall. Everything is sharable with the hashtag #showmeyours. These photo’s are printed and sticked to the compound. Converse also developed the Lowlands App in which you can make your personal blockschedule. Too bad they didn’t implement their own silent disco.

Converse Compound

Show me yours @ Lowlands (foto's: Daily Paradise)


2. Grolsh, the sponsor with it’s own tent, also came up with something cool. For a little refreshment with these tropical temperatures the Grolsch bar was replaced by the Grolsch pool. The pool is no more than an overgrown footbath, but it’s complete with lifeguards, aquarobics and diving prohibited-signs. Grolsch also made a game with QR-codes, but I’m afraid that’s not going to work as long as we haven’t solved the phone-charging-problem. Much simpler was the free Grolsch cooling service, where you could trade your tepid beer for a cold one. Tastes better and no apps needed.


Aquarobics in het Grolsch pierenbad (foto: Daily Paradise)

3. Oxfam Novib made sure thet 55.000 people now know what it feels like to wait for drinkable water in the burning sun for half an hour. O no, that was mother nature.
Oxfam Novib showed people their own flaws with their All You Can Eat foodcorner. Because while 1 in 7 people goes to bed hungry every single night, the All You Can Eat restaurants pop up all around the world.
The signs in the foodcourt are saying things as: There’s no more where that came from and Eat now, pay later. B Visitors can try to bring down the system by hitting a bunch of cans. Afterwards they can enjoy the fair and sustainable snacks.

All You Can Eat

Oxfam Novib's All You Can Eat

As you can a see a nice idea and a bit of attention can provide a huge brand awareness. Before Lowlands I had no clue what Oxfam Novib was fighting for. Other brands that are visibly active and add value at Lowlands are Hi, Douwe Egberts and Shoestring. I can’t wait to see what they all come up with next year.

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Didi Koller • August 21, 2012

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  1. LTVfan %A %B %e%q, %Y - %I:%M %p Reply

    Dat werd anders wel een drama dat beugelbad!

    • Didi Koller %A %B %e%q, %Y - %I:%M %p Reply

      Haha, maar goed dat er lifeguards aanwezig waren!

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