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Collapsus, the Energy Risk Conspiracy

Submarine, 2010,  www.collapsus.com

Collapsus is a project that wants to create awareness about the transition to alternative energy sources that has to be made​​ in the near future. It tells the story of 10 young adults who are affected by these changes in different ways. The energy market collapses, with blackouts, riots and difficult choices as a result. Vera and the others seem to be immersed in a conspiracy. The question is: How would you deal with this? As a user you can send the story in different directions on different layers.

The core is an online film about the people who have to live under these difficult circumstance. The film covers the years 2012 till 2025, a turbulent time. At some points on the left or right side of the film, an extra page appears. These pages give you more information about the subject in news-items, vlogs and interviews with experts. There are also interactive elements that confront you with environmental issues. The whole experience is a combination of documentary, fiction, life action, animation and interactivity.


    The movie Collapsus with a minigame on the left and a news-item on the right

The movie Collapsus with a minigame on the left and a news-item on the right

Since the story takes place in the future, people will know it’s not real. But, if we continue to live the way we do now, this story could become reality. That’s why the story is realistic and immersing. Because people wonder what might happen in the story and in real life. People are confronted with the way they deal with energy and the possible consequences.


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Didi Koller • March 9, 2011

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