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A silver spinring for Sam

Last night the award-show of the SpinAwards 2010/2011 was there. Babbe Noya and I are now the proud owners of a silver spinring for Best Young Talent. Another silver award was for the traffic campaign Shotgun, made by Hal Gabin and Eefje Liebrecht (Fontys Eindhoven). The golden ring was for the notorious Blur Shirt by Nik Sluijs and Nanette Visser (Willem de Kooning Academy).

Silver SpinAward

Silver SpinAward

The organization kept us enthralled for quite a long time. When the moment was finally here, we were told that this category would be presented by alderman of Amsterdam Gehrels. This meant we had to wait until after dessert

The awards were accompanied by an elegant five-course dinner, provided by Davanti. In the fantastic Zuiveringshal West there were meters long tables with hundreds of silver chairs. I noticed that all the middle tables were very broad and I thought the gorgeous waitresses were going to run on these catwalk tables . I was flabbergasted when it appeared that this task was reserved for the nominees. I wished I left my high heels at home! But once we made our entrance along the wine glasses and dishes and everyone applauded it gave an incredible thrill!

During the main course there were no awards presented. On the tables between the asparagus and fried polenta, two guys did their daredevil feats on their BMX. And after a delicious glass of Limburg pie it was now time for the Young Talent category. We did not expect to win anything, so it was extra fun when they called our names. Sam won Silver!

In the report of the jury* they wrote about interactivity, creativity and business strength. This we designed in our own way, from our own perception and experience. The presentations of both Shotgun and Sam impressed the judges and therefore the two projects were awarded a Silver SpinAward.

Henny van Velzen (SpinAwards Foundation) was very enthusiastic: “We are extremely pleased with the winners in the category Best young talent. In this category, the  SpinAwards foundation takes responsibility for the upcoming generation of creatives. This generation has grown up entirely digital and therefore has a personal view on the future of communication. They provide a new perspective on our profession. ”

It was a very nice evening that I certainly did not want to miss. And now that I’m about to graduate, this SpinAward is the crown on my education. Thanks to everyone who helped us to make Sam and his WorldKids-Reporters to what it is today. Thanks!

*Source: MarketingFacts

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Didi Koller • April 8, 2011

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