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How do they do it? part 1/2How do they do it? part 1/2

Yesterday a whole gang of talents, nerds, speakers and hosts traveled to Ghent for How do you do? Virtual platform invited me to this event, which is part of the Creative Media Days. It was a day full of inspiring work, and the conversations with viral guru Karel Vinck and pan-European producer Peter the Maegd I…

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Oh Oh TransmediaOh Oh Transmedia

On Twitter I was asked if if there’s a good example of how Reality TV can go transmedial… Well, @j_stankevicius, that is an interesting question. To be honest I didn’t know the answer right away, so I checked all the cases that I’ve studied and I couldn’t find one that was developed around reality TV. But when I…

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Karakters 'Hun Eerste Keer' in graphic novel stijl.

Their First Time

The youth finds it difficult to indicate their sexual wishes and boundaries. Dutch sexual health organization Soa Aids Nederland wanted to teach these teenagers how to talk about what they want and, even more important, what they don’t want. This is quite a task since teens refuse to listen to patronizing messages. Woedend! developed an…

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Symposium: The way to TransmediaSymposium: The way to Transmedia

Saturday november 5th, the symposium The way to Transmedia will take place. This event is part of the Imagine Fastival and is hosted by TransLAB Rotterdam, a platform that is all about Transmedia Storytelling. Babbe Noya and I will tell something about our project called Sam and his Worldkids-Reports. A transmedia project we developed for…

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Me, MySpace and IIkke, ikke, ikke en de rest kan stikken

I wrote this article in 2009, but the issues are still applicable. Therefore I find it worth sharing. “Attention Whore”, “Get a life”, “Just commit suicide!” On the Internet you can say it all. Who’s stopping you? People are much harder and meaner online than they are in real life. Why would you even consider the feelings…

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Sam and his WorldKids-ReportersSam en zijn WereldKids-Reporters

On behalf of the MediaLab and Radio Netherlands Worldwide Babbe Noya and I have developed a project for (future) expat kids. Sam and his world-Reporters kids is one of the first transmedia productions in the Netherlands. The project has brought us the Silver SpinAward for Young Talent. Children who are moving abroad will face a…

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A silver spinring for SamEen zilveren spinring voor Sam

Last night the award-show of the SpinAwards 2010/2011 was there. Babbe Noya and I are now the proud owners of a silver spinring for Best Young Talent. Another silver award was for the traffic campaign Shotgun, made by Hal Gabin and Eefje Liebrecht (Fontys Eindhoven). The golden ring was for the notorious Blur Shirt by…

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Pizza meeting brutally disruptedPizza Borrel Borrel bruut verstoord

As you may know I am currently an intern at Woedend!, a communications agency in Amsterdam. I am working on a transmedia campaign with Lydia van der Spek. In order to clarify to everyone within the company exactly what we’re doing, we could give them an ordinary presentation, but we came up with something much…

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And the nominees are…

Babbe Noya and I are nominated for a SpinAward Young Talent. Only nine projects are left in our category, so our project Sam and his Worldkids-Reporters has a chance to win. This week we presented our project to the judges for the second time. The SpinAwards, annually awarded since 1998, stand for creativity in interactive…

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