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Death Tolls Experience

Doclab: Naked artist to naked truth

IDFA is back in town. The Amsterdam documentary festival is for the 10th time home to Doclab, where it’s all about undefined non-fiction storytelling. You can experience 30 differing, interactive projects for free in the expo at the Brakke Grond. I have been wandering there for quite some hours to see and do as much…

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Revolución no es mentir jamás

In a country without ads

“What kind of work do you do?” This simple question was difficult to answer during my trip through Cuba. I work at an ad agency and not many Cubans are familiar with advertising. Let’s say explaining this in my ‘poquito Español’ was quite a challenge. I guess in a country where there is no competition,…

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Het Geheim van Eyck

The Secret of Eyck

Zapp, the Dutch kids channel, started a new interactive mission: The Secret of Eyck. This daily series is about Lotte, Tim and Floor who discover weird things happening at their grandfathers campsite The Old Eyck. Is their grandfather being sabotaged by the mysterious company Gentopia? Every week you can also watch the Zappmission. In this…

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Phone theft

Dear phone, I miss you

I’ve been living without a phone for two days now. Not because I want to or because I think it enriches my life. No, my phone-less life is not exactly voluntary. Or successful. I would trade a kidney for my smartphone. During a weekend break my phone got stolen at a beach party. When I…

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YEFF 2015 Brussels

Team up in Brussels

This month I was one of the lucky few to join the Young European Film Forum. With four other Dutch participants, I traveled to Brussels for 10 days of international teamwork. A total of 60 people in the age of 18 to 25 from 11 European countries were devided in teams to make a short…

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Prison Escape mug shot

Escape from the real world

I might not be Houdini, but lately I’m quite the escape artist. Real life gaming is a trend that makes me happy and I want to share it with you. This next level thing is found somewhere between ARG’s LARPing and Cluedo: the escape game. To let you escape your real life for a moment….

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Popcorn Time vs. Netflix

Popcorn Time vs. Netflix

Get your popcorn ready, because the wrangling has started. BREIN foundation has shut down six Dutch websites where the illegal streaming service Popcorn Time was offered. Tim Kuik, director of BREIN, says: “The sites are like illegal shops, we prohibit that. But we do not prosecute the customers who buy from these stores. We try…

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Freshers app

Freshers in retrospect

It’s nice to finally show you the case video of Freshers (Feuten), the most successful transmedia project we’ve seen in the Netherlands, and I’m proud that I’ve worked on this project from the beginning to the end. Check out this casevideo: I’ve described the app in an earlier post, and now i would like to take…

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The Spiral

How do they do it? part 2/2

He produced Where’s Gary? and The Spiral. And although he prefers not to use the word transmedia I still see Peter de Maegd as one of the few true transmedia producers. He himself would rather talk about ‘storytelling for the converged media’. For me it does not matter what you call it, because we are still…

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