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Public broadcasting goes transmedia

Dutch public broadcaster are not scared of trying something new. A number of innovative transmedia projects came from Hilversum. This is partly made possible by special grants from the Media Fund. Out of eighteen proposals they have selected five transmedia projects for production. One of them is Who’s in, who’s out, which will air in 2012. Another project has recently been launched.

Hola Lara
Submarine and VPRO, 2011

Hola Lara is a new project by the VPRO and Submarine in co-production with Red Kite Animation and Tomavistas. Hola Lara is not only a series of 16 episodes on Z@pp, it is also a blog, various social media pages and a website with games.

Hola Lara

Hola Lara

The series is designed for 9 to 12 year old children. They are introduced to Lara and her friends on an international school in Spain. Lara, Daniel, Akira, Tommy and Monica are living with host families for a year and experience all kinds of things. Of course they get to know a new culture, but they are also dealing with familiar teenage troubles: puppy love, pimples and divorced parents.

The story is partly told on television, but the rest is found online. Lara writes on her blog every day and you can become friends with the characters on social media. On the site a new game is launched every week, by playing these games you earn Créditos. This allows you to buy stuff to dress your avatar. The avatar with the most votes will appear in the VPRO Magazine.

Transmedia? I say yes. And it is also international. Hola Lara is also shown in Scotland (BBC) and Spain (TVC).

Curious? Visit www.vpro.nl/holalara

Who’s in, Who’s out
NewBe TV, Tuvalu Media and BNN, 2012

In this 2012 television series, we will follow six ambitious young people with a dream. At the Dutch Stage Academy, they are trained to be an actor, singer or dancer. But the question is… Who’s in, who’s out? Several cast members are chosen online. Via the website, anyone can audition for several episodes. This is done with the “Interactive audition tool.” Who would not want to play a scene with famous Dutch actors such as Manuel Broekman or Sarah Chronis. If you get the most votes, you get the role and you are to be seen in the television series. But you have to show your best, because if the audience does not like you enough, you will be out in no time.

A nice idea, but you do run the risk of being amateurish. Fortunately, other important tasks, such as script writing and directing, are done the professionals. That’s one of the things that makes this project different from Paul Verhoevens new film. I think Who’s in, who’s out is more likely to succeed, because the interactivity fits the concept.

To find out more or watch the auditions, go to http://wiwo.bnn.nl/

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Didi Koller • November 11, 2011

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