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Thea shows her ring

Thea (12) invites you to her wedding

In Europe we have no idea how many young girls all over the world are forced into marriage. We don’t know what these girls go through. But what if the problem was closer to home? What if a girl from, say, Norway has to marry at the age of 12? Thea started a wedding-blog. “Hey!…

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Tomorrowland sign

Tomorrow is a mystery

The media industry is always talking about creating experiences, well, I’ve had the most amazing experience last weekend at the Tomorrowland festival in Boom, Belgium. Tomorrowland is one of the biggest festivals in Europe and is known as the worlds’ best dance festival. They absolutely know how to make people excited. Their 6 million Facebook-fans…

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5 awesome vending machines5 hippe automaten

Vending machines are what they are, right? Coin goes in, drink comes out? Not with these original marketing vending machines. I collected five of the best: 1. Coca Cola Friendship Machine No friends for sale, but you do need one to get your drink 2. Rugbeer: Tackle for beer Because pushing buttons is for pussies…

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