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Sam and his WorldKids-ReportersSam en zijn WereldKids-Reporters

On behalf of the MediaLab and Radio Netherlands Worldwide Babbe Noya and I have developed a project for (future) expat kids. Sam and his world-Reporters kids is one of the first transmedia productions in the Netherlands. The project has brought us the Silver SpinAward for Young Talent. Children who are moving abroad will face a…

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A silver spinring for SamEen zilveren spinring voor Sam

Last night the award-show of the SpinAwards 2010/2011 was there. Babbe Noya and I are now the proud owners of a silver spinring for Best Young Talent. Another silver award was for the traffic campaign Shotgun, made by Hal Gabin and Eefje Liebrecht (Fontys Eindhoven). The golden ring was for the notorious Blur Shirt by…

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Pizza meeting brutally disruptedPizza Borrel Borrel bruut verstoord

As you may know I am currently an intern at Woedend!, a communications agency in Amsterdam. I am working on a transmedia campaign with Lydia van der Spek. In order to clarify to everyone within the company exactly what we’re doing, we could give them an ordinary presentation, but we came up with something much…

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NPOX lab 2.0 with Christopher SandbergNPOX lab 2.0 met Christopher Sandberg

Tuesday march 29th was the second edition of NPOX lab: Transmedia in Hilversum, with a few interesting speakers. Jeroen Koopman, Newbe TV Newbe TV invents, makes and sells crossmedia, transmedia and interactive formats. About this Jeroen Koopman says: Content is more important than concept. If you want to sell your format, potential buyers want to…

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Labeling transmedia

Sometimes a transmedia story comes out of a box, such as Coraline’s Story. But we, Lydia van der Spek and I, think it may come in handy to put the stories into boxes, so we can label them. There are various kinds of transmedia projects and some of them cannot be compared to each other…

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Collapsus, the Energy Risk Conspiracy

Submarine, 2010,  www.collapsus.com Collapsus is a project that wants to create awareness about the transition to alternative energy sources that has to be made​​ in the near future. It tells the story of 10 young adults who are affected by these changes in different ways. The energy market collapses, with blackouts, riots and difficult choices…

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