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Zaak Zappendael

The Zappendael Case, interactive detective

During a secret dinner on Zappendael¬†estate Tim Douwsma drops down dead. His soup turns out to be poisoned. This is the beginning of The Zappendael Case, a classic whodunit with a modern twist. Viewers can join the online search. Who killed Tim? The game is on. There were ten other zapp-presenters who attended the dinner….

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The Georgia Guidestones

Guidestones: an interactive thriller

Intense conspiracy theories, a brutal murder and a mysterious sect. All this is part of the new interactive thriller Guidestones. It’s been a month since I stumbled upon this Canadian story¬†and I’m liking it so far. Sandy Rai is an Indian exchange student, who came to Canada to study journalism. Working on an assignment with…

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