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Pushed into the rabbit hole

Friction? In transmedia storytelling the viewers are expected to jump into the rabbit hole. They often have to switch between different channels. Cases show that at these switch points many people drop out or stay at one channel. Your audience will decrease with every switch, because there’s too big a difference between the two channels. I…

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Oh Oh Transmedia

On Twitter I was asked if if there’s a good example of how Reality TV can go transmedial… Well, @j_stankevicius, that is an interesting question. To be honest I didn’t know the answer right away, so I checked all the cases that I’ve studied and I couldn’t find one that was developed around reality TV. But when I…

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Tim is a fox

Sorry, this entry is only available in Nederlands.


Llow branding, high impact

The past weekend thousands of people traveled to Biddinghuizen for the highlight of the Dutch festivalseason: Lowlands. It was the first time I went there, and ofcourse I enjoyed the music, but I also liked the activities that were organised by brands. Festivals such as Lowlands are ideal to show your brand identity to a…

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The Tweeting Director

On Monday, August 6 Dutch people get the chance to direct the thriller: ‘Onder Controle’. Through Twitter you can indicate live directions to the actors. Holland’s best actors will play a role, including Tygo Gernandt, Hanna Verboom and Halina Reijn. The film will be used as a promotion for the Dutch Film Festival. A festival…

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WE underwear delivery

Fresh underwear delivery

On mondaymorning july 23, 2012 girls in Amsterdam could get fresh underwear delivered to their doorstep. Totally free! WE Fashion asked Woedend! to come up with a campaign to launch their basics called ‘WE Fundamentals.’ With just a few click on a smartphone, tablet or computer you could order your hipster.  The webapp checks your…

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GTST Wie is Tim?

Who the f is Tim?

Tonight is a big night for ‘Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden’ (Good Times, Bad Times), the most popular Dutch soap. It’s the last episode before the summer stop, the cliffhanger… For the fans this means six weeks without updates from the fictional town Meerdijk, without intrigues and without all their favourite characters. There goes there daily…

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Karakters 'Hun Eerste Keer' in graphic novel stijl.

Their First Time

The youth finds it difficult to indicate their sexual wishes and boundaries. Dutch STD organisation Soa Aids Nederland wanted to teach these teenagers how to talk about what they want and, even more important, what they don’t want. This is quite a task since teens refuse to listen to patronizing messages. Woedend! developed an interactive,…

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5 awesome vending machines

Vending machines are what they are, right? Coin goes in, drink comes out? Not with these original marketing vending machines. I collected five of the best: 1. Coca Cola Friendship Machine No friends for sale, but you do need one to get your drink 2. Rugbeer: Tackle for beer Because pushing buttons is for pussies…

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