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Audience at Concert

What concerts can teach us about audience engagement

“Everybody get down to the floor,” the bassplayer keeps playing, the rest of the band is squatting. Honestly, it makes me roll my eyes at first, ‘not again.’ But gradually the whole audience is doing what they’ve been told. I don’t want to be the only grumpy cat standing up, so I start crouching as well. It’s…

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Freshers app

Freshers in retrospect

It’s nice to finally show you the case video of Freshers (Feuten), the most successful transmedia project we’ve seen in the Netherlands, and I’m proud that I’ve worked on this project from the beginning to the end. Check out this casevideo: I’ve described the app in an earlier post, and now i would like to take…

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Freshers season 3

40.000 fictional frat friends

More than 40,000 members posted 275,000 messages in the society, containing 90,000 vo’s! The past few months I’ve been busy working on a transmedia project for the BNN dramaseries Feuten (Translation: Freshers). And it is on! The series Freshers is about the ups and downs of the members of the fraternity H.S.C. Mercurius. It’s about friendship,…

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Ervaar mij HKU

Experience me

Different people invited me to the graduation exhibition of Interactive Performance Design & Games (IPDG) of the University of Applied Arts in Utrecht. Since I know quite a few people who go to this univerity, or graduated from it, and I always find these people extremely creative, I decided that this might be an interesting field trip….

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Second screen

Screening second screen

It is totally hip and happening: second screen. More and more people watch television and use their devices at the same time. But how do those people use that device? And what are the opportunities for producers and advertisers? This is often misjudged. As creator of a second screen app you should really think about…

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NO by Gael Garcia Bernal

NO becomes NOW! Creative bootcamp

Chile, 1988. Years of oppression under the regime of Pinochet. The man responsible for killings, torture, disappearances and financial malpractice. Pressured by internationale politics, he scheduled a referendum. Vote SI to agree that Pinochet remains the political leader, vote NO for change. The film NO is about this age in Chilean history. Advertising talent Rene Saavedra is…

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Zaak Zappendael

The Zappendael Case, interactive detective

During a secret dinner on Zappendael estate Tim Douwsma drops down dead. His soup turns out to be poisoned. This is the beginning of The Zappendael Case, a classic whodunit with a modern twist. Viewers can join the online search. Who killed Tim? The game is on. There were ten other zapp-presenters who attended the dinner….

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The Spiral

How do they do it? part 2/2

He produced Where’s Gary? and The Spiral. And although he prefers not to use the word transmedia I still see Peter de Maegd as one of the few true transmedia producers. He himself would rather talk about ‘storytelling for the converged media’. For me it does not matter what you call it, because we are still…

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Unlock the 007 in you

How do they do it? part 1/2

Yesterday a whole gang of talents, nerds, speakers and hosts traveled to Ghent for How do you do? Virtual platform invited me to this event, which is part of the Creative Media Days. It was a day full of inspiring work, and the conversations with viral guru Karel Vinck and pan-European producer Peter the Maegd I…

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